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EWT: An Every 6 Month Vaccine!

We've seen 2 suspected cases of EEE (eastern equine encephalitis) in the past MONTH. Mosquitoes carry this virus and any horse that hasn't been vaccinated in the past 6 months is at risk. The virus is 95% lethal. Vaccination is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your horse but it MUST be administered on an every 6 month schedule. You must also use a vaccine that has been stored and handled correctly (which your veterinarian can guarantee).

Of the four cases we've seen this past year, one was unvaccinated, one was vaccinated 11 months prior by the owner, one was vaccinated 2 years prior by the owner, and the last was vaccinated 8 months prior by a veterinarian. EWT vaccine needs to be boostered every 6 months. Pregnant mare should receive the vaccine in their last month of pregnancy (so immunity is passed to the foal). Foals should receive their first vaccine around 5 months of age and should be boostered one month later.

Coastline Veterinary Services understands that life can be busy and hectic which means that sometimes vaccines are put on the back burner. Therefore, we try to make the process easy and streamlined so that your horse's vaccines don't go forgotten. Vaccination with us means that you will be set up with electronic reminders when your horse is due for re-vaccination. A couple of weeks before your horse is due, a text message and email reminder will be sent from our software system. All you need to do is hit reply and an appointment can be set up via text, email, or phone.

Pictured below is Dr. Wilson performing a lumbar spinal tap. This is a procedure often done to help diagnose neurologic disease. Proper vaccination can help ensure that your horse wont need one of these!

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